Jun 13 2016

Hudson, Flag Day Parade 2016

Girl at the parade

Jun 9 2016

On the Warren street, Hudson, New York

Communicating Click on the picture to get closer !

Jun 3 2016

The Look

Click on picture to get closer

May 31 2016

…but the reflection tells the truth

Click on the picture to see it in bigger size

May 29 2016

The photographer

Took this picture at the 2014 SantaCon in New York City. This guy seem to be the "Official Photographer " of the event

May 19 2016

Cow’s eye

Took this picture on Weeds Dam road in Sharon , CT. The cow was very curious about the camera, kept "eyeing" it. Click on the picture to see it in bigger size !

May 10 2016

Early spring on Mohawk Mountain in Cornwall

An infrared image Old farm machinery. Click to get closer !

May 9 2016


Just around three o'clock this fellow ( #275) came for a snack at our birdfeeder Click on the picture for a closer look !

May 6 2016

Frog in the pond

May 5 2016

Playing whippets

Whippets belonging to my friend Joni Hinchman are playing in her backyard. Frisky creatures for sure