Photography by Lazlo

While We Were Home

Cornwall folks at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

While We Were Home | On The Frontline

Jerry and Pat Blakey, April 29

Jim Terrel, April 29

Rachel Matsudaira, April 30

Richard Griggs, May 1

Bianca Griggs, May 1

Ann Hummel, May 1

Roxann Roche and Daniel Kallman, May 1

Robert Adzema and Jane Herold, May 2

Byron , Terry, and Hayden Bell, May 2

Steve Sperduto, May 2

David Colbert, The Golden Lady and Ellen Moon, May 2

Dody Clarke, May 2

George Wolfe, May 2

Eileen Fielding, May 3

Melanie and Caroline DeFotis, May 3

Hugh Cheney, May 3

Michael Moschen, May 3

Barton and Debby Jones, May 3

Iris Herman with Henry, Rocco Botto and Junie, May 4

Phyllis Nauts with Jack Ott , May 4

Malou Rawls, May 4

Debra Tyler, May 5

Waite Rawls, May 5

Nita Colgate, May 5

Tim Prentice, May 5

Gaynor Coté, May 5

Cindy Kirk and Charlie Grivas, May 5

Susan Fox, May 6

John Roch, May 6

Carol Hepprich, May 7

Treasa Pattison, May 7

Billy Gold, May 7

Richard Manyak, May 7

"Bo" Barrett Wiltsie, May 8

Virginia Brecher, May 8

John and Nancy Bevans, May 8

Eileen Gargan,Mary Gargan, Mike Redmond, May 8

John Guenther and Richard Schlesinger, May 8

John Ward, May 8

Zejke Hermann, May 9

The Gyorsok Grandchildren, Sonja, Elliot and Linda, May 10

Magaly Ohika, May 11

Harold McMillan, May 11

Samantha Bate and Denise Hoover, May 11

Henry Finkelstein, May 13

Jim Sheffield, May 13

Katherine Freygang, May 15

Ed and Audrey Ferman, May 16

Steve O'Neil, May 16

Pam and Walter Irving, May 17

Maryann Winslow, May 17

Louise Levy, May 18

Alicia and Rob Tremper , May 18

Virginia Gold with her children, Arianna ,Lilly, Ian and Alden , May 19

Lisa Lansing Simont, May 19

Margaret Kane, May 19

Andrea Geisser , May 20

John Miller and Carol Schneider, May 20

Russell Durand, May 21

Garrick and Bill Dinneen , May 21

Lilly and Bill Slepoy, May 21

Richie and Stacey Dolan with their children, Logan and Makayla, May 23

Antonio Morales and Wayde Wolfe, May 23

Darby Townsend, Dan Stalter, Sanford Stalter, Lyndee Stalter , May 23

Priscilla Pavel, Memorial Day, May 25

Asher Pavel, Memorial Day, May 25

Nancy Berry, Memorial Day, May 25

Marina Kotchoubey, Memorial Day, May 25

Bill Berry, Memorial Day, May 25

David Cadwell, Memorial Day, May 25

Melanie Matsudaira and Ted Larson, Memorial Day, May 25

David Hubbard, Memorial Day, May 25

Ralph Dzenutis, Ted Larson and Jenn Larson, Memorial Day, May 25

Dave and Susie Williamson, Memorial Day, May 25

Graham and Brenda Underwood, May 26

Fred Bushnell, May 27

Barbara Stone, May 31

Jed Gracey, June 1

Nick Jacobs, June 1

Gary Steinkohl, Casey Cook and Hedy, June 3

Howard Stone, June 5

Tom and Arleen Barrett, June 5

Donald Bracken, June 5

Anjou Patel, June 6

Nancy Daubenspeck, June 8

Terry and Raymonde Burke, June 12

Molly, Peter and Abigail Larrison, June 12

Ernest Merchant, June 13

Tommy Eucallito, June 16

John Harding, June 16

Alice Sarkissian-Wolf, June 16

Patrick Beal, June 17

Megan and Mia Mollica, June 17

Heidi Rose and Ashraf Aljasem,Trinity Retreat Center, June 17

Joseph Rose,Trinity Retreat Center, June 17

UCC Pastor Rev. Micki Nunn-Miller and Director of Faith Formation Tracy Gray. June 18

Dominique Lasseur and Catherine Tatge, June 21

Roxy Hurlburt with the puppies Sadie and Hazel, and kitten Mo, June 27

Hayden Hawkins, Charlotte Buck, Amy DeNeergaard, July8

Sari Goodfiend, Carol Goodfriend, Edward Watkins and Jim Goodfriend ( sitting) Aug 19

Roxana Robinson, September 5

Nick Bruehl and Jimmy Whiteside, September 16

Chris and Lazlo Gyorsok, September 20

Juergen Kalwa, October 2

Duke Besozzi, October 6

Anne Kreamer and Kurt Andersen, October 7

Irene and Buddy Hurlburt, October 9

Deb Labbe with her Llama Rio, October 9

Fred Thaller, October 11

John and Anne Coffin with their dog Nelli, October 12

Lakshmi Bevans, October 14

Edward J. Sebranek, Hudson L. Sebranek, Martha B. Lane and Tumbleweed, October 12

Russell Guerin and Molly Hinchman, November 6

Scott Zuckerman, November 11

Hunt Williams, November 27

John and Sally Van Doren, December 31

Will Berry at the Transfer Station, April 30

Ted Larson at the Transfer Station, May 2

At the Cornwall Townhall: Barbara Herbst,Gordon Ridgway, Karen Nelson,Jonathan Berry and Vera Dinneen, May 5

MaryLee Bell, RN, May 6

Jeremie Tilson at the Northeast Building Supply, May 6

Richard Bramley at the Cornwall Package Store, May 6

Kate Augusta at the Cornwall Package Store, May 6

Christine Staeven at the Cornwall Country Market, May 6

Heather Dinneen, Becky Hurlburt, Roxy Hurlburt, Cay Tyson, Heidi Kearns, Jessie Bate, Frances Luard at the Food Pantry, May 11

Cornwall EMT, Joyce Hart( far left), Jayne Ridgway, Elizabeth Ridgway and Diane Beebe, May 16

Joe Zagata, our UPS driver, April 30

Paul Chowaniec, our USPS driver, May 19

Craig Drozd, Postmaster, USPS post office in Cornwall bridge, May 20

Cindy Stilson Shook, USPS post office in Cornwall, May 20

Maria Bonetti and Swede Ahrstrom, USPS post office in West Cornwall, May 20

Rev. Micky Nunn-Miller, Memorial Day, May 25

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