Table of contest

About the photographer
Need some TLC and ready to go
No more plowing
Crooked smile BW
Crooked smile, color
All cracked up
Bright and shiny after so many years
The Old Glory, color
The Old Glory, BW
Slow decay
Old Dodge truck, BW
Old Dodge truck, color
Cobwebs, Color
Cobwebs, BW
Of screws and cranks
Nature is taking over
The view is crystal clear
Nature is taking over #2
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
Please, be seated !
Sweet dreams !
Rust in Peace !
The Yard
Made in USA
Oh, say can you see
Time for a drink !
Once it was..., BW
Once it was..., color
The bug
Dreaming of happier days
Just turn on the radio
...but what are the chairs for ?
Call: 860 824
The future is bleak indeed
Red and green
Bucyrus Erie
The pigeons love it, BW
The pigeons love it, color
Down to Zero
The Eagles have landed
Chevy pickup
Time for a tune-up ?
Three-eyed beauty
Camper's dream
Hubcaps anyone ?
Big Mack, color
Big Mack, BW
How did I get up here ?
In the field , forgotten
Got stuck, hard to get out
Dreaming of the Glory of Good Old Days
Trucked away


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About the photographer

Lazlo Gyorsok

Laszlo Gyorsok, a native of Budapest, Hungary, emigrated bravely to the United States (with a brief stint in Cologne Germany) in 1973, settling in New York City, where he met his beautiful wife, (who shall remain nameless- cause let's face it the Internet is just a scary place sometimes). Deciding city life might be overrated, they moved to Litchfield County, CT, where they raised their daughter and continue to live very happily as country mice and grandparents. Fond memories of a Russian version of a Kodak box camera around ten years old propelled Gyorsok to cultivate a serious love affair with digital photography. His favorite standbys are currently Sigma SD14, Nikon D700 and Fuji X-E1. Until quite recently, his primary focus was candid portrait photography and Civil War reenactments. Although, the past few years have developed into extreme fascination with abandoned, decaying factory buildings, many of which are in the Brass Valley area of Connecticut. It is challenging task – first to gain entry to these old fenced buildings, carefully scaling the rotted floors and finally coming upon just the right subject worthy of a pictures without breaking his neck. No small feat- for Laszlo pictures has received numerous national and international awards. Want to join the fan club? Check out: