First project of 2022. Digital back for a 100 years old Kodak camera

I just recently came across this Video by Greg Carrick (that Aussie photographer) about how to attach a Fuji "digital back" to a hundred years old Kodak camera with bellows. I had exactly the same Fuji x-E1 camera and a very similar old Kodak so I figured, why not. Thank you for the inspiration Greg. See the results bellow

Frontal view

Back view showing the X-E1

Side view showing the brace that holds the two cameras together

Back and top view

Well, after a hundred year it might need a bit more cleaning

A picture of one of my lenses taken with the Fuji X-E1/Kodak combo

You definitely not going to get a super sharp result, but has a nice feel to it....or maybe I am nostalgic.

picture of a screwdriver with the "new" camera.

B&W version

B&W portrait

The old pocket watch

Church pews

Railroad track in Cornwall