The staircase

J. R. Montgomery & Co. in Windsor Locks

The firm of J. R. Montgomery & Co. [in Windsor Locks] was established in 1871, for the purpose of manufacturing cotton warps used in satinets and union cassimeres. The firm was composed of J. R. Montgomery as the active partner, with two others who constituted the partnership. A few years after the outside interests were …

Old house

Walking in Waterbury, CT

I have taken a walk in Waterbury with my friend and fellow photographer Ted Roth on a nice, cold April day. We have come across some interesting spots in the town, some nice, some less so and some downright ugly. Enjoy !

Sin city is closed till further notice

Sin City closed util further notice

I went for a walk with my good friend and fellow photographer Ted Roth to Waterbury, CT. We have been there several times before photographing different areas of the city, but always menage to see and photograph something new and different side of the city that has fallen on harder times in the recent decades …

Salvage Worker

Ansonia Brass. Salvage Operation

The tools are laid down, the forklifts, the huge cranes, the machines are all idle now. The roofs are leaking and the seeping water creates small ponds inside the buildings with beautiful reflections of the metal structures.The company has closed down and only people you see now are the salvage operators taking apart the machines, …


Cement processing plant in Southington

My good friend Emery Roth was going to Southington today to get ready for a presentation promoting his new book, so I decided to tag along. On the way back we came across this cement processing plant with quite a few old, discarded machinery on the back lot. Enjoy !