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Inspired by New York

I have long been an admirer of Lazlo’s photography!  He is an “artist with a camera”.  while I,  on the other hand like to do my art using the brushes and techniques learned in Adobe CS6.  While taking an art course in CS6 recently, I spotted this shot and really wanted to try painting it.  I think Lazlo actually took this shot “out the window”..I thought it was fantastic !  and I actually had a couple people want to print it !  Lazlo has always been generous in sharing his work and I thought it might be of interest to see some of his painted !  You might spot them while looking through his fabulous galleries !!

Please click on the image to see at a larger size !!



I think Lazlo actually took this shot "out the window"..I thought it was fantastic !



4 thoughts on “Inspired by New York”

  1. Amazing how natural your abilities are because both the b&w and color shots work. Your distant shots of the building itself are great and I don’t think that is so easy to do. Very moody and provocative group of images.

  2. I was referring to Lazlo’s shots of Halcyon hall. Love the shots at Kent too. Especially the dresses and the wall/partial window frame .. the textures lead into a reflective state.

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