Aug 23 2014

At the Goshen Car Show

One good looking beast
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Aug 2 2014

In the abandoned Ansonia Opera house

This is (was) the oldest opera house in Connecticut
The game stoped
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Jun 29 2014

Summer Clouds

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Jun 20 2014

Clouds over Cornwall valley

It is an infrared picture taken with a converted Nikon d90 camera. The clouds are God given.
Clouds over Cornwall Valley
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Jun 15 2014

At the Goshen Stampede

Yesterday was the day of the Goshen Stampede. Some of my comrades in arm ( that is fellow photographers from the Camera Club) and myself lined up along the fence of the arena to get some ( hopefully) good shots of the Rodeo. Here are a few of mine

Jun 8 2014

Times Square. New York.

Times Square. New York. But she could be anywhere, reading the magazine and listening to music on her phone.
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May 31 2014

Theater light !
Perfect spot light on the cows in the field
Theater light

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May 25 2014

Putnam State Park, Redding, CT

Putnam State Park

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May 9 2014


I drove by a farm today and saw this beautiful pony, her mane tousled by the blowing wind.DSCF5597

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There are a few more here:

Apr 10 2014

End of the Era of Brass.

Seems like that one of the last big brass factory in Waterbury ( and Ansonia) , CT , Ansonia Specialty Metals just closed door for good.

I have been shooting there with my friend for many years, documenting the process of creating huge seamless tubes for the navy.



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