Apr 17 2023

For grabs

Sep 12 2022

Whiting Mills, Winsted

Aug 28 2022


Feb 10 2022

Clock in the shop window in Lichfield, CT

Jan 31 2022


Jan 31 2022

At the setting sun at the power station in Gaylordsville, CT

Jan 29 2022

“Worker’s Movement Memorial”, Kiss István, 1976. Memento park Budapest

Jan 6 2022

The old watch

I took this picture with a hundred years old Kodak Brownie camera refitted with a Fuji X-E1 “digital back” . Had some much fun putting it all together and was amazed that I could actually get some decent pictures out of it. They are not going to win any medals for sharpness but the have a nice feel to them ( I think) . There are more pictures here:

Dec 12 2021

all dressed up but nowhere to go

Nov 5 2021

So, how does this work ?