Nestled in the scenic countryside of Cornwall, Connecticut, the typical New England rustic barns exude a timeless beauty. Their weathered wooden exteriors, complemented by charming red or white paint, stand as testaments to the region's rich agricultural heritage, while their graceful silhouettes harmonize effortlessly with the picturesque landscape, creating an enchanting sight that captures the essence of rural New England.

Late frost at the Local Farm on Popple Swamp road

Sunrise at Cream Hill Farm

Barn at the end College street

Cain/Hedgerows Farm on Cream Hill road 2010.

Kenniston barn on Bunker Hill road 2010.

Gunn Brook Farm on RT.7 South

Hart Barn on Cherry Hill road2016.

Hautboy Hill Farm 2020

As a fine art photographer, my work is deeply inspired by my reverence for nature. Through my lens, I strive to capture the awe-inspiring beauty and intricate details of the natural world. I believe that by showcasing the remarkable wonders of nature, I can evoke a sense of wonder, appreciation, and connection to the environment in others. Join me on this visual journey in Cornwall, Connecticut as we explore the boundless magic that nature has to offer. Let me know if you are interested purchasing one of my images.
~ Lazlo Gyorsok ~