The Housatonic River meanders gracefully in the western part of Cornwall, enchanting visitors with its natural beauty. The river's serene waters flow gently ( except in the early spring), reflecting the surrounding lush greenery and creating a tranquil atmosphere. Adding to the allure of Cornwall are its magnificent waterfalls and pristine lakes, where the cascading waters and shimmering surfaces invite exploration and provide a captivating backdrop for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

The fishermen and the heron on the Housatonic River

Riverbend on the Housatonic River at West Cornwall

Quiet pond in the forest

At Dean's Ravine

The waterfall in the Valley

Cold morning on the Housatonic River

Frozen lake

Gently falling

Morning on Cream Hill Lake

A foggy day on the river

As a fine art photographer, my work is deeply inspired by my reverence for nature. Through my lens, I strive to capture the awe-inspiring beauty and intricate details of the natural world. I believe that by showcasing the remarkable wonders of nature, I can evoke a sense of wonder, appreciation, and connection to the environment in others. Join me on this visual journey in Cornwall, Connecticut as we explore the boundless magic that nature has to offer. Let me know if you are interested purchasing one of my images.
~ Lazlo Gyorsok ~

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