Halcyon Hall/Bennett College, Millbrook, New york

I took these pictures in 2010 when the building was still in a good enough condition for  going inside and carefully walk around. The roof was in pretty bad condition even by than and you can see the sky through the openings . Lots of the floor boards collapsing to the next level, so you  had to be extremely careful where you stepped. My understanding is that it is scheduled for demolition this year. One more of a once beautiful buildings will be gone forever.





10 thoughts on “Halcyon Hall/Bennett College, Millbrook, New york

  1. bobo

    If only someone had kept the roof in a good state of repair this majestic school would have been salvageable. It would have made a perfect McMenamin’s type of hotel.

    1. RichardD

      It wasn’t just the roofs. The campus bounced between developers and banks, and at some point the heat wasn’t turned on in the fall. Busted pipes all over. If the sprinkler system was pressurized, the next thaw would have caused huge flooding.

        1. RichardD

          Doesn’t take much to cause huge destruction. I believe it still stands, at least I saw a few shots dated last year. The cost of tearing it down is more than the property is worth, so likely they will just let it collapse on its own. It’s so unsafe now the condo owners and police are positively militant keeping explorers out. No quarter given, full on trespassing charges.

  2. RichardD

    It’s doable, but there’s a thousand interior pictures posted at the usual sites, so might not be worth it. The place must be alive. I saw one picture and needed to see all of them in their thousands, as well as study the history. Started about five months ago; my wife thinks I’m nuts. Maybe you will too when I say I bought a small piece of the grand staircase, and two Swans records on eBay. My fascination with Bennett is still strong. It’s one of those completely strange things you find out about yourself later in life.

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