I was born in Hungary in 1947 and stayed there for the next 25 years. Sailing to the west in 1972 and settling first in the Big Apple than a few years later in Cornwall Bridge, Connecticut.I got my first camera ( kind of Russian version of Kodak box) at age ten and ever since taking pictures. Graduating to digital at the year 2000 and never looked back.
Currently using Sigma SD14, Nikon D700 and Fuji X-E1 cameras.
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I am a member of Housatonic Camera club and the webmaster for it as well.
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I love to take pictures at Civil War reenactments
You can see a  slideshow here:http://lazlo.us/slideshows/civil_war.html
My main interest are in portraits. Like candid shots, they reveal much more of people than the posed ones
My pictures received numerous national (New England Camera Club Council, Photographic Society of America ) and international awards.

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An Evening at the Opera

From Photographs to Paintings