Church of the Assumption Ansonia

Church of the Assumption Ansonia, July5 2017

Thank to Father Jim Sullivan’s generosity, Ted Roth and myself had the chance to photograph the interior of the Church of the Assumption Ansonia. It is truly one of the most beautiful architectural marvel in this area and my photographs are not even good enough to describe the place.

From Photographs to Paintings

From Photographs to Paintings

Just a bit of shameless self-promotion. Two of my good friends, Judi Bailey and David Rowley and myself just produced our first Amazon Kindle Ebook about creating paintings form photographs. It is available here :

Collinsville, Farmington River

Yesterday’s trip was to Collinsville, Connecticut a nice, old town alongside the Farmington River.  It was built around the Collins Company Axe Factory in the 19th century and quite a lots of the old buildings are still standing in relatively good condition. Found some really nice gears that they used for the dams