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Old mill

Revisiting the Old Mill at 10 Bridge Street in Winsted

It was March 28th but it felt like it was still winter inside the building when we ( Ted Roth and myself ) revisited the Old Mill in Winsted at 10 Bridge street. The weather outside was a nice, almost pleasant 45 degrees, but inside there was still a lots of ice around and it was still bitterly cold since the temps dropped to the low teens during the previous night. After two hours of shooting I had enough.


Enchanted garden

Jug End Rd, Egremont, MA

Since the time when Mr. Van Guilder owned the property it has been the site of the early settlement, a boy’s school, and more recently Jug End Barn Resort. The resort got its name from the German word “Jugend,” meaning youth. During its heyday, the resort was a mecca for singles, beginning in the 1930s and lasting about 40 years. Read more about the place click here.