Enchanted garden
Jug End road

Jug End Rd, Egremont, MA

Since the time when Mr. Van Guilder owned the property it has been the site of the early settlement, a boy’s school, and more recently Jug End Barn Resort. The resort got its name from the German word “Jugend,” meaning youth. During its heyday, the resort was a mecca for singles, beginning in the 1930s and lasting about 40 years. Read more about the place click here.



4 thoughts on “Jug End Rd, Egremont, MA”

  1. Lazlo,

    I enjoy your photography efforts so much. Do you have a tutorial or reference on your post processing preferences?

    1. Thanks Brian
      I do have a tutorial for one of the processing I am using. it is done by my good friend David Rowley:

      …but I use a bit different processing each time depending on the image.

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