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Ted at work

Return to Ansonia Brass, Waterbury

Yesterday we, that is my friend Ted Roth and myself, returned to the Waterbury branch to the now closed Ansonia Brass factory. The place is getting cleaned up, bit by bit, quite a few of the machinery is gone now, probably on trucks on their way to their new home in Mexico. There is still a lot more to photograph and we are planning to go back as long as it is possible.

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Halcyon Hall/Bennett College, Millbrook, New york

I took these pictures in 2010 when the building was still in a good enough condition for  going inside and carefully walk around. The roof was in pretty bad condition even by than and you can see the sky through the openings . Lots of the floor boards collapsing to the next level, so you  had to be extremely careful where you stepped. My understanding is that it is scheduled for demolition this year. One more of a once beautiful buildings will be gone forever.





The Garden of horror

The garden of horror

Just recently  I stopped by Battle Hill Forge  in Millerton , New York. This guys make the most incredible creations out of wrought iron, On their site there is a special nook/garden where they put all their Halloween creations. It is a bit creepy,  scary, ( after all that is what Halloween is about) definitely not for everyone’s taste, but  a great spot to take  some pictures. Oh, almost forgot to mention, the people in the garden are the creators.

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Sterling Opera House, Derby, Connecticut

It is a grandiose place, built by people who dream big.

Has fallen into hard times in the last fifty years, but now it is on the way back.

The exterior of the building has been completely redone and there is high hope that the interior will be finished as well.

For my purposes, I liked it just the way it was, the old grandeur still shining through.

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House in despair, Kent, Connecticut

There are a few abandoned farmhouses in the Northwest corner of Connecticut and quite a lot more in the adjoining New York counties, where I have done extensive photography trips with my good friend Ted Roth.

We have managed to “discover” and photograph many of them, every single one being a “dream house” for us,  with falling apart furniture, cracking floorboards, rusting appliances.

These pictures are from Kent, Connecticut


Ansonia Brass



A few pictures from my last visit on may 12 2014, to the Ansonia Brass Factory in Waterbury , Connecticut.

These are mainly detail shots, concentrating on trying to capture the feel and textures of some of the tools and machinery in the shop.

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Darkness, Gloom, Ice and the Ghosts

A few pictures from a partially abandoned factory in Waterbury, Connecticut

It was on a bitterly cold January day, the place was very dark and gloomy and since the roof was in dire need of repairs, ice was everywhere .

The  light came trough the rafters adding glow to some huge suspended sheets, turning them into ghosts.

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