Return to Ansonia Brass, Waterbury

Ted at work

Yesterday we, that is my friend Ted Roth and myself, returned to the Waterbury branch to the now closed Ansonia Brass factory. The place is getting cleaned up, bit by bit, quite a few of the machinery is gone now, probably on trucks on their way to their new home in Mexico. There is still a lot more to photograph and we are planning to go back as long as it is possible.

dscf8712yellow1 dscf9010_21

Click on the pictures to see them in bigger size !


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  1. Judi says:

    I never dreamed old machinery could make such a stunning image. The processing is perfect and the composition is “spot on” !! The wheel in the foreground makes such a fascinating “touch” with the shape and bits of red and the figure is perfectly placed and made more interesting by him also photographing !! Excellent Lazlo !!!

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