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All red and lined up

Farrel Foundry

This might be my last visit to the Farrel Foundry site that is being completely cleaned out by a salvage crew . They have only a couple of days left to complete their operation. Who know what comes next. The wrecking ball ? Quite possible. The building is such a terrible shape, with the roofs partially collapsed in places, water all over on every floor, that fixing it seems to be out of question. So here are a few of the last images I took, some are of the electrical equipment that is being taken out and some of the crashing down old building.

At the Farrel Factory

Farrel Corp

Here are a few pictures from the Farrel Corp site in Ansonia, Connecticut. It used to be one of the biggest manufacturing company in the state, but by now the global competition made a real dent in its size. Still the factory, now owned by HF Machinery Group is still churning  out orders for machines for the plastic industry and its future seems bright. The pictures are from both the old parts, (that is not in use anymore ) and the working section of the factory.