From Photographs to Paintings

From Photographs to Paintings

Just a bit of shameless self-promotion. Two of my good friends, Judi Bailey and David Rowley and myself just produced our first Amazon Kindle Ebook about creating paintings form photographs. It is available here :

4 thoughts on “From Photographs to Paintings

  1. I van Iersel

    Hi Lazlo

    I bought it for support, but I did read at Amazon that someone was disappointed ….. he thought it were instructions to make the paintings!

    lovely little book

  2. Lazlo Post author

    Thank you Ineke. Indeed it is just a book to look at and we had no claim about selling a tutorial book, even though we added quite a few tutorial links at the end. Not sure why that person didn’t read what the book was about.
    Thank you so very much for your support


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