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Farrel Foundry

This might be my last visit to the Farrel Foundry site that is being completely cleaned out by a salvage crew . They have only a couple of days left to complete their operation. Who know what comes next. The wrecking ball ? Quite possible. The building is such a terrible shape, with the roofs partially collapsed in places, water all over on every floor, that fixing it seems to be out of question. So here are a few of the last images I took, some are of the electrical equipment that is being taken out and some of the crashing down old building.

8 thoughts on “Farrel Foundry

    1. Lazlo Post author

      I am sure it was a good thing going on for quite a while. But heavy industries are loosing ground to cheaper foreign competition so this place is just one of the thousands that closed down in the last 50 years. It was terribly hard on the people who last their jobs, but it is a gain for the environment( tough barter). Now the Chinese people have to put up with all the sulfuric smog that used to be belched out by these factories.

    1. Lazlo Post author


      It was mainly a Foundry from the very beginning.
      Here is the link to it from Wikipedia:
      A couple of sections of the huge complex is still operational, I have some pictures from there as well ( see here:, but this part has been used as storage for a salvage company. It is not even fit for that anymore. Yes, I will miss it a lot, it was a great place to photograph.

  1. Emery Roth

    Your photos capture beautifully the fading traces of purposeful work in these tired buildings. Beautifully done! I always learn when I see what you have seen in places we shot together. In this set especially I see pregnant places where we both have found very different images to abstract.

    1. Lazlo Post author

      Thank you Ted. You are right, there is more than one way to skin a cat. I always enjoy looking at your pictures form the same locations to see a different interpretation, composition, processing.

  2. Harry

    Undoubtedly, you have captured the history Lazlo. Love the process as well as the way you have presented them. I guess it is a law of nature to come and go! as we all know, nothing stays permanently. Of course we miss some for quite long.
    Thanks for sharing your hard work.

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