Stanley Works, New Britain


We had the good fortune to get permission to photograph inside of the closed down section of Stanley Works Factory.  Founded by Federick T. Stanley in 1843, originally a bolt and door hardware manufacturing company located in New Britain, Connecticut, was one of the biggest employer in the state . The complex is huge, we hope to get back many more times .

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  1. Judi Bailey says:

    I feel as if I’ve been there. You have covered so much and each one is so well composed, captured and processed !!….and each one seems to have small bits of color !! Another excellent set of pictures !!

  2. Cindy says:

    its very Intersting to look back on our hardworking people that helped to make ur how we are. Just loving it. Thank You Lazlo

  3. Pamela Steeves says:

    Was driving past the buildings last month as they were being demolished and felt a visceral reaction thinking of the history and beauty that was being destroyed. So happy to see that you captured these images and that they will stand the test of time as record of another era. As an artist and genealogist I am awed by your compositions. Thank-you so much.

    • Lazlo says:

      Thank you so much Pamela for the nice comment. Indeed it is so heartbreaking to see all these great factories closing down one after another.

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